About Us


Meet the Artist

I started tying flies because I thought it would be economical. My wife calls it an obsession. 20+ years later, I might agree with her. In 2016, On the Vise was born and has become one my greatest passions. I enjoy creating unique and affordable artwork for clients around the world. 


When I'm not in the studio, you might find me enjoying time with my family, fishing at one of Eugene's beautiful rivers or serving as a worship leader. ~Keith J Brown 


What is On the Vise?

A collection of the musings of a fly tier.  1/4 art, 1/4 design, 1/4 skill, 1/4 luck.  

On the Vise designs to be original.  Every installation is one of a kind.  Though two pieces may share similarities, each has a uniqueness of its own.   

The fly’s represented in each piece may be inspired by:

1. a well established pattern 

  2.  a hook’s profile

  3.  the shape of a feather

  4.  the qualities of a hair or fur

  5.  the allure of a found item

  6.  the vessel (frame or otherwise) that would eventually house the finished fly(s)

The final works are inspired by:

  1. my mood

  2. my perception of depth, spatialization or color

  3. whim

Many an excellent tier has had his/her work canonized in a frame.  Often these frames have a similar design that consist of one or more fly’s mounted in the frame along with a matte border and a plaque that lists the fly’s and tier’s name.  For On the Vise, just as the fly’s are one of a kind, their presentation is also.  I frame my fly’s in and with treasures found at thrift shops, antique stores and new materials.  And in thinking out of the box, so to speak, each layout and matte is designed to be as one of a kind as the fly’s are themselves.  

I strive to present the “art” of fly tying and framing in each work offered on this site.  Though none is perfect in whole or part, each work, is perfected in its final rendering.  


Custom Pieces

Are you a fly tyer? Do you know a fly tyer? On the Vise specializes in turning your flies into works of art. Using photos, artwork, textiles and natural elements as inspiration, we can make unique keepsakes and gifts that will last a lifetime. Just contact us with your request and we will provide a quote.